The Journal of Plant Science Research

ISSN: 0970-2539
e-ISSN: 0976-3880
Subject: Botany
Periodicity: Half Yearly
DOI: 10.32381/JPSR
Month(s) of Publication: June & December
Current Volume: 38 (2022)

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The Journal of Plant Science Research is a reputed peer reviewed International Journal which is published bi-annually. This Journal disseminates knowledge in all related fields of Plant Science Research such as Plant Physiology, Agriculture, Bio-Chemistry and Botany. It imparts the latest advances in the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering which is proved beneficial for the upcoming Geneticists, Plant Physiologists, Botanists, Biochemists and Biotechnologists. It regularly supplies latest information on researchers, education, publication and projects on Plant Science at national and international level.