The Literary Criterion

ISSN: 0024-452X
e-ISSN: ****
Subject: Language & Literature
Periodicity: Quarterly
Month(s) of Publication: Mar., Jun., Sept. & Dec.
Current Volume: 57 (2022)

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The Literary Criterion is now 66 years old and the longest Indian journal in continuous circulation in the country. It is internationally known and has successfully crated a critical climate for the past 60 years also influencing the academia about new areas of literature like The American, The African, the Australian, Caribbean, the New Zealand etc literature's. It has brought out various special issues and all these areas including Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, F R Leavis and Indian writers of English. All the special issues have appeared in hardback as independent volumes. Its reputation is such in exchange for it more than 15 international journals are being received at Dhvanyaloka, Mysore.