Pub. Date: 2022
Print ISBN-13: 9789393674357
Subject: Psychology
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Human is the most wonderful and advanced creation of God, who has been given superpower in the form of "Mind" with enormous hidden power with capability of governing this whole world, calmly and peacefully even in stressful moments. As contentment is necessary for happiness, but whether a financially sound person is satisfied or not? Is such person happy? Is such person contended? Such questions suddenly come in our mind and we become very busy and serious to get the solution of such doubtful questions using our intellect and spiritual planes of "Brain".

Thus "The Mind and The Invisible Quest" is the journey through different levels of minds, intellect and spiritual planes which explains the significance with strength and weakness of each plane. Very briefly author has touched upon spiritual level which he says is the highest state of mind. Any person viewing the world from different state such as mind, intellect or spiritual level will have a very different view with a very different understanding as well. As all the scientific inventions start from hypothesis from some element of philosophy. The Mind and the Invisible Quest similarly generates certain hypothesis on the "behaviour of mind" with simple mathematic models that keep working in the evaluation process. The subject can also help in generating some awareness and help in bringing harmony in life. This book is useful for philosophers, researchers, students and common person who have an everlasting quest.