By: R. K. Kshirsagar
Pub. Date: 2017
Print ISBN-13: 9788192769400
Subject: Social Science
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The Book “Dalit Movement in India and its Leaders” reveals the history of Dalit liberation movement in India especially during 1857 to 1956. It attempts to find out causes of the origin of the inhuman practice of untouchability and its adverse effects on the Indian Society. It expounds the history of Dalit emancipation, with special emphasis on the role played by the leaders individually and collectively for the liberation of their brethren from 'untouchability'. It, however covers all the aspects of the Dalit Movement succinctly. This book is, obviously based on primary sources of information. Certain facts were duly confirmed and corroborated by other sources like documents and records in addition to personal interviews of the respective leaders or their next of kins. It has been objectively analysed, properly interpreted and systematically arranged in a consolidated form. It would be certainly useful as a ready reference to the Scholars, interested in undertaking intensive research in this field.