By: Dr. P. K. Agrawal
Pub. Date: 2018
Print ISBN-13: 9788192769417
Subject: Social Science
Price: USD 50.00 USD 37.5

The book ‘Phases of India's Development: A Lenseye View’ is a comprehensive collection of columns and articles published in various magazines for last four years, by Dr. PK Agrawal, a writer of sixty books.

The book contains articles under broad topics of Bureaucracy, Judiciary, Land Reform and Good Governance and gives overall functioning of polity in India. The book mainly covers the functioning of governments in States and at the Centre. Thrust areas and broad schemes of governments have been covered.

As government has now limited role, corruption, black money and bureaucratization in private sector are also touched.

Dr. Agrawal has about 37 years' experience of working in government and eight years with the private sector. Thus the writer has dwelt with the problems facing the country with a pen of an expert.

Accordingly, speedy, objective and transparent working in bureaucracy has been elaborated. Steps required for liquidation of pendency and speedy disposal of cases have been narrated. Land reforms as the measures to remove poverty in India have been suggested including solution to the Naxalism. Lastly, left out measures for ensuring good governance have been touched upon.

This volume will be useful to all those who are interested to know how India as a State can march ahead as a developed country.